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Quilter conference

Thank you for visiting us at the Quilter conference today. This webpage provides further information on the services we discussed with you.

Investment opportunities for Quilter Financial Advisers

We offer a range of investment solutions for you and your clients, including:

  • Fully bespoke investment management
  • Investments for US connected clients
  • Trustee investment strategies
  • Offshore investment solutions
  • Lombard lending on portfolios
  • Private equity, EIS and VCT

Bespoke Portfolio Service

Our Bespoke Portfolio Service is a tailored wealth management solution for clients with individual investment characteristics including specific financial objectives, attitude to risk, income requirements, tax considerations and ethical views. The investment manager will work closely with you and your client to ensure the scope of the client's investment needs are fully understood.

  • Highly-personalised service
  • Industry-leading investment service and analysis

For more information, please click here for the Bespoke Portfolio Service brochure.

US connected clients

Scott Prout and Chris Gabbett discuss US connected persons and the nuances of managing the wealth of these clients.

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For more information, please click here for the US connected clients brochure.

Contact us

To view our services online please visit our website. For more information on any of the above or the additional services we may have spoken to you about please contact your Business Development Director.