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The Lord Mayor's Appeal – She Can Be…

Targeting the barriers to the skills crisis

The Lord Mayor's Appeal – She Can Be…

As part of #includedAWM, an industry group operating within Wealth and Asset Management to promote diversity and inclusion, we are proud to support She Can Be…, an initiative aimed at inspiring young women to consider a career in the City of London.

About She Can Be…

64% of 17-21 year olds believe that employers prefer to hire men over women. She Can Be… aims to change this perception and encourage young women to not only consider, but be excited by, a career in the City of London.

To achieve this, She Can Be… pairs groups of young women with City businesses to increase awareness and understanding of how organisations operate and the variety of opportunities available. Through a comprehensive programme and by meeting role models, young women learn about how their skills are valuable to the workplace, the diversity of backgrounds of the City's employees, and why the City wants to recruit them.

At the 2020 event, we were thrilled to witness firsthand the impact of the event on the young women:

  • By the end of the event, 88% of the young women had a thorough understanding of the variety of roles that exist within the City
  • We saw a 41% increase in how many young women knew what skills were needed for a career in the City
  • Confidence in the young women's own ability to have a career in the City if they wanted one grew from 65% to 88%

Visit The Lord Mayor's Appeal website for more information.