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Fiduciary Management investment philosophy and process

A wealth of skills but a single philosophy

Our approach to investing

Our investment philosophy is based around custom-made portfolios for each pension client in recognition that each scheme's circumstances are different.

We are conviction investors and seek to add value by reaching for outperformance in rising markets and minimising drawdowns in falling markets.

We achieve this through active management, and combine active and passive funds to gain exposure to an asset class. We steadfastly avoid in-house managers thereby removing any conflict of interest.

We create balanced portfolios which comprise the best investments across the relevant asset classes, and seek to deliver strong and consistent risk adjusted returns over the medium and long term. This is achieved through both top-down asset allocation and bottom-up security selection.

This high conviction, active approach has been the key driver of our historically strong performance.

Our investment process

Our Investment Committee sits at the heart of the investment process and is ultimately responsible for the firm's investment decisions.

Committee members are co-located at our London headquarters to facilitate the efficient coordination and implementation of the investment process. Their close proximity means the decision makers can be rapidly convened to respond to market events, as required.

The Committee meets monthly using a top-down/bottom-up approach; it reviews the macroeconomic outlook before discussing market views and ultimately making security selection decisions for its flagship strategy – GBP Medium Risk.

The Central Investment Team implements the output from the Committee across our client portfolios, taking into account the specific objectives of each.