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Pension Schemes

A carefully defined approach, for your benefit

We work with trustees, actuaries and consultants to determine the investment strategy that is appropriate to the circumstances of the scheme. A collaborative approach, we apply the core principles of Integrated Risk Management while taking into account a scheme's cash flow position and the degree of liability hedging that is appropriate as determined by the scheme's advisers. 

Where a scheme has a specific de-risking strategy in place (buy in/buy out/self-sufficiency) we align the investment portfolio accordingly. 

Our fiduciary managers work alongside the Central Investment Team to deliver scheme specific solutions using the output from the Investment Committee whose investment decisions are the result of research-based analysis and market acumen. We are active managers, and whether measured by reference to asset-class benchmarks, inflation-plus benchmarks or our peer group, investment performance has been consistently strong over one, three and five years. 

Client service is a key feature of our approach, not just consistent coverage from the fiduciary team and transparent reporting, but ongoing access to the investment managers and training, as required, to help trustees demystify the investment world.


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