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The creation of Prince to Prince II

24 August 2018

Nick Blogg, Investment Manager, LGT Vestra US

The genesis for the Vaduz to Vienna cycle came in September 2016 when in the exuberance of a successful cycle from London to Liechtenstein (and fuelled by the celebratory beer); it seemed like a logical answer to the question of what, or more appropriately where next? Whilst several of the cyclists that completed the Prince to Prince ride would be delighted if they never had to sit on a bike again, others were eager for another challenge, and having completed 735 miles over the previous six days anything seemed possible.

Fast forward nearly two years and here we are. We now have only four weeks to go and the ride is certainly coming together, with 11 cyclists and three support crew members from across the LGT group taking on the challenge.

I am very much looking forward to taking part but have the same feelings I had prior to Prince to Prince. It is a mixture of excitement, trepidation and tiredness, caused by the sudden shock of training again. You see, as much as I loved the last cycle, up until a month ago I had not been on my bike since I got off it in Vaduz almost two years ago.

I have now got a few hundred miles in the legs and will keep training hard up until we go, enjoying the feeling of being back on the bike and having something to train for.

For me, an opportunity to take on a challenge like this is one not to be missed. Yes it will be tough but we will get through it as a team, and hopefully in the process raise a significant amount for The Prince's Trust.

11 cyclists and three support crew members