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The LGT Young Soloists Turn Five

September 17, 2018

From an idea, the LGT Young Soloists have grown into one of the best youth ensembles in Europe over the past five years.

LGT Young Soloists at the Festival of South Tyrol in Merano
The LGT Young Soloists Turn Five

Performances at renowned festivals, debuts in Dresden, Merano and London, to name just a few, and three CD productions document the successful work of the LGT Young Soloists. Their declared goal is to make music together at the highest level. The association of outstanding talents also sets a convincing example, proving that top-level music making and a social life go together, as these talents travel as a "pack". When they share the stage, one can sense the sparks flying. No wonder, for the young talents come from no less than 16 nations. Ability, spirit and charm – this mixture makes the LGT Young Soloists such a unique orchestra.