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Wealth Management

Our fresh approach to wealth management focuses on building lasting partnerships with our clients, developing trust through transparency and maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit.

Investment philosophy and process

A wealth of skills but a single philosophy

We never lose sight of the fact it is your money that we manage. From accumulation and preservation through to the succession of your assets, we help you to meet your financial goals whilst working within your risk parameters. In so doing, we focus on long-term thinking, our leading investment expertise as well as our active management approach.

Portfolio management

One of a kind 

Our approach is simple: We offer informed, objective advice based on your aspirations and calibrated against the level of risk you are comfortable with. We create a bespoke portfolio to meet your requirements. We recognise that everyone has their own preference as to how they wish their money to be managed, so we allow you to choose precisely how involved you are with the daily management of your assets.

Private Office

A well-run company has a clear view ahead. Shouldn’t a family have the same?

Our Private Office delivers a fully outsourced family office service to go beyond investment decisions and address the full range of your family’s needs.

Alternative investments

The road less travelled can be the road more rewarding

We can help you to unlock investment opportunities in private equity and commercial property. Whether you’re a high-net-worth individual or a professional investor, our specialist team will help you to gain access to direct investment opportunities in these often rewarding sectors.

Wealth planning

A dream without a plan remains a dream

Our comprehensive approach ensures that your ambitions remain on track. Our service provides a fully integrated, comprehensive investment management and financial planning service. We work with you to create a bespoke financial plan, and our guidance always takes the long view. We will consider the whole of the market in order to identify the solutions that best suit you.

Family governance and succession

Investing in your most important assets

A fully tailored service to help entrepreneurial families navigate their business, ownership and family structures through the creation of a dynamic governance framework and succession strategy.

Family governance and succession

LGT Wealth Management Jersey

Wealth may be offshore but it should never be all at sea 

For clients who require offshore wealth management, we have an established wholly owned subsidiary in Jersey. From there we offer our wealth management services to the offshore market.

LGT Wealth Management US

While the world shrinks, our ambitions expand

LGT Wealth Management US is a specialist subsidiary of LGT Wealth Management, set up specifically to help US connected clients with financial interests all over the world.