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Family governance and succession

Investing in your most important assets

We provide a fully tailored service to help entrepreneurial families navigate their business, ownership and family structures through the creation of a dynamic governance framework and succession strategy. We understand the complexities and sensitivities involved in managing intergenerational family wealth, and in transferring the family enterprise to future generations.

Our service aim is to enable the family's shared values, vision and aspirations to be sustained across generations. We work with entrepreneurial families in two main areas:

Governance blueprint


  • Understanding why you may wish to remain in business together, your motivations and priorities for your wealth.
  • Assessing your current governance, family and ownership structures.
  • Implementing family protocols and channels of communication.
  • Designing and implementing the governance framework based on areas of consensus.

Succession planning


  • Succession planning for the effective transfer of ownership of the family enterprise and wealth.
  • Equipping the next generation with the skills and experience to effectively manage their responsibilities and deal with challenges.
  • Rewarding and incentivising family members, non-family directors and employees.
  • Introductions to our network of specialist advisers as required: tax and legal, coaching and mentoring, reputation management.

For more information, please contact Ola Adeosun