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LGT Wealth Management US

While the world shrinks, our ambitions expand

LGT Wealth Management US is a specialist subsidiary of LGT Wealth Management UK LLP, set up specifically to help clients with personal and financial connections to the US. We help our clients to overcome the jurisdictional constraints of managing their wealth wherever they reside.

We believe that having a global perspective is the only way to achieve our clients’ goals. That is why we offer two ways of investing that have an international approach at their core. We offer a bespoke solution where we tailor the portfolio to your individual requirements and risk profile, taking into account currency exposure, tax constraints and your lifestyle requirements. Where appropriate, we also offer a model portfolio service that provides a cost-effective investment solution via a range of risk-rated models that take into account global investment constraints.

Our international expertise means that we can help construct and implement investment strategies that are tax efficient under both US and UK tax systems. To assist you with your tax obligations we provide separate tax packs for the different tax years.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and we are a Registered Investment Adviser with the Securities & Exchange Commission in the US.

US connected wealth management

US Citizens and Greencard holders can face diverse challenges when it comes to their financial affairs. Any investment decisions we make take into account the tax implications and constraints that are unique to your personal situation.

Portfolio management

We provide clients with access to international financial markets, and ensure that any investment strategy is not burdened by US tax limitations wherever you reside. We recognise that everyone has their own preference as to how they wish their money to be managed, so we allow you to choose precisely how involved you are with the daily management of your assets.

Strategic Model Portfolio service

We understand different investments hold different appeal, depending on a client’s background, whilst also recognising how different asset classes will perform in different market conditions. Our model portfolio service allows advisers and their clients the benefits of accessing LGT Wealth Management US investment capabilities via a low cost and effective solution.  

Wealth Planning

This service is dedicated to the provision of financial planning to individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts with a US connection. We present you with a personalised strategy to structure your short, medium and long-term plans, all within the parameters of your financial resources and regulatory restrictions.

Alternative investments

We can help you to unlock investment opportunities in private equity and commercial property. Whether you’re a high-net-worth individual or a professional investor, our specialist team will help you to gain access to direct investment opportunities in these often rewarding sectors.

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