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A message from our CEO as LGT reports half-year results

LGT half year results
In conversation with Ben Snee, LGT Vestra CEO

We view every client relationship as a long-term partnership built on trust, so it is important to us to keep our clients informed – especially in turbulent times. As LGT releases its half-year results for 2021, reporting strong net asset inflows and substantial business growth, we speak to our CEO, Ben Snee.

How has LGT Vestra weathered the storm of the past eighteen months?

While there have certainly been challenges over the last 18 months, overall we have been fortunate and weathered the storm well. The business has grown over the period, helped by buoyant financial markets and strong investment performance. Everyone in the business has worked very hard to keep things going in a remote-working environment, during what for us has also been an exceptionally busy period. However, there is no doubt we have missed the interaction of physically working together and we are all very much looking forward to getting back to an office-based environment in Q4 this year. 

What are your hopes for the future for the business and our industry?

I hope that our business continues to provide an excellent service to delighted clients. We want to provide long-term value to our shareholders and ensure that the people who work here are happy in their jobs and proud of the firm they work for. Finally, we aim to give something back to society, supporting non-commercial and philanthropic initiatives and ensuring we have a sustainable and positive impact on the environment. In summary, I hope that both we as a business and the wider Wealth Management sector continue to grow responsibly and provide an excellent service to our clients.

What message do you have for our clients?

As ever, the message is that we appreciate the trust you place in us as a business and thank you for your long-term support. Whilst there remains a lot of uncertainty in the world, much of which could impact the financial markets in which we invest on your behalf, we remain very positive for strong long-term performance. We have an amazing team of people both in our front office and working behind the scenes to support you.

In the context of the pandemic, we are obviously hopeful that things will now start to improve. We are very pleased to be able to continue helping to manage your wealth and navigate any challenges the future may bring. 

LGT’s half-year financial results

LGT, the international Private Banking and Asset Management Group owned by the Princely House of Liechtenstein, achieved significant growth in the first half of 2021 and delivered group profit of CHF 180.6 million. Assets under management grew 14% to CHF 275.0 billion as at the end of June 2021 on the back of favourable market developments and high levels of client activity. Very high net asset inflows of CHF 14.1 billion (+12% on an annualized basis) and strong investment performance contributed to this result. LGT is confident that it will remain on its sustainable growth path in the second half of 2021.

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