International finance services A global reach with an individual focus

We understand the unique requirements that international clients have. Our specialist team will work with you and your advisers to deliver a fully tailored wealth management service that you can trust.

portfolio management for international clients

Internationally mobile clients

Our team will create a bespoke wealth management solution to suit your needs, meeting complex financial and tax requirements, wherever you reside. 

We have many years’ experience in dealing with UK resident non-domiciled clients, and investors based in other jurisdictions with interests in the UK. 

Our specialist services:

  •  Portfolio management across multiple currencies
  •  Custody options across various jurisdictions
  •  Understanding of other jurisdictions' specific requirement
  •  Facilitation of reference currency change
  •  Working with professional advisers to facilitate your arrival and settlement in the country 
  • Careful implementation of any tax restrictions that your tax adviser has indicated
  • Tax reporting packs in local languages across multiple locations

US connected clients

Serving clients with personal and financial connections to the US, we help our clients to overcome the jurisdictional constraints of managing their wealth wherever they reside.

Our specialist services:

  • Wealth management for US citizens and Greencard holders
  • Investment decisions taking into account tax implications and constraints
  • Personalised financial planning strategies for individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts with a US connection
  • Access to alternative investment opportunities in private equity and commercial property
  • Construct and implement investment strategies that are tax efficient under both US and UK tax systems
  • Provision of separate tax packs for the different tax years

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LGT Wealth Management US

Offshore services

From Jersey, we offer wealth management services to international and UK private clients, fiduciaries, pensions, institutions and charities. 

Our specialist services:

  • Discretionary and advisory portfolio management available in all major currencies
  • Private client broking services advising on a diverse range of securities listed on most of the world’s main stock and bond markets
  • Custody options across various jurisdictions

Our take on the world

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