Investment management for institutional clients Specialist advice, tailored to your business

We provide bespoke investment management services to a range of institutional clients. Our team of specialists take time to understand the complexities of your business to create a solution that meets your commercial and regulatory needs.   

Portfolio management in cooperation with institutions

Investment philosophy Conviction and integrity in all that we do

Clients’ interests first

Portfolios that fit the client, not the other way around.  

Long-term approach

We avoid short-term decisions that may compromise our stability.


Our expertise

Your company’s financial future is in safe hands with our experts.   

Investment beliefs

Our rigorous investment process means if we don’t believe in it, we don’t invest in it.  

Investment process

Dedicated investment committee

Our in-house Investment Committee sets the firm’s overall investment strategy. Made up of our most experienced investment managers, the committee meets regularly to discuss the macroeconomic outlook and establish the firm’s market views. We ensure that the composition of our funds, including sector and country exposure, and investment style, is always consistent with the committee’s views.

Beyond the portfolios Reporting and operational support

Our service to you extends beyond portfolio management portfolio. We also work with you and your advisers to ensure that all of your reporting, audit and custodial needs are met. In taking the time to understand the intricacies of your business, we gain a deep understanding of your company’s risk appetite, capital planning requirements and liquidity needs.  

Risk - To ensure your objectives are met within your risk parameters, we will:

  • Invest time into understanding the intimate details of your business
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your capital management plan and risk appetite
  • Align your investment strategy with these requirements

Reporting - To help you meet your regulatory obligations, we can:

  • Tailor our portfolio reporting to fit your requirements
  • Deliver ad-hoc portfolio reports to assist you for specific meetings
  • Be at the forefront of all regulatory changes and proactively support any challenges you may face
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