Financial Mutuals and Friendly Societies A mutual interest

We provide tailored investment advice, specialising in Financial Mutuals and Friendly Societies. Our dedicated team has many years’ experience working within this sector, and therefore understands the unique requirements that they have. 

Two jigsaw pieces coming together to represent our collaboration with Financial Mutuals.

Bespoke investment management

Unapologetically client led

Tailored to you

Our dedicated team will spend time gaining an intimate knowledge of your organisation and understanding your financial objectives, risk attitude, capital positions and income requirements before creating your bespoke investment portfolio. 

Our specialist experience

Many years working in your sector

We understand the particular challenges Friendly Societies and Financial Mutuals face, and provide tailored solutions to address them. We can work with your actuary and other advisors to deliver a holistic service for you and your members. 

Expert advice

Dedicated asset class specialists

Our investment team is formed of experts who specialise in all different asset classes. Working together, they are able to deliver a cohesive approach for the benefit of your stakeholders and can also provide active management of your cash.

Behind the portfolios Our tried and tested strategy for success

An infographic to articulate our approach to risk, reporting, regulation and research


  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your capital management plan and risk appetite
  • Align your investment strategy with these requirements


  • Flexibility to tailor our portfolio reporting to fit your exact requirements
  • Deliver ad-hoc next day portfolio reports to assist you for specific meetings


  • Extensive in-house functionality
  • Specialist sub-committees
  • Broad range of regular and pertinent thematic commentary


  • Be at the forefront of all regulatory changes and proactively support any challenges you may face
  • Board CPD training
  • Investment induction training for new NEDs

If you want to know more

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Institutional brochure
Institutional brochure

Specialist investment management services for corporate clients

We provide institutional clients with the same bespoke service as our private clients, taking time to understand their individual needs and objectives. Find out more about how our institutional service can benefit your organisation.  

Stewardship policy image
Stewardship policy at LGT WM

Keeping the future in mind when making decisions today

Through extensive stewardship activities, such as shareholder voting and public policy advocacy, we strive to create outcomes that will contribute to a safe and sustainable future for generations. Learn more about our stewardship toolkit. 

LGT WM Portrait brochure

Our company at a glance

As a privately owned firm, we take an entrepreneurial approach to running our business. This means we can make long-term decisions in the best interests of our clients quickly and independently. Learn more about what makes LGT different.   

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