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Don’t throw away your old tech

If you have a box in your attic with old charging cables, mobile phones and other devices, you are not alone. E-waste is a fast-growing issue. You might however be surprised to know there are ways it can be repaired, re-used and recycled, creating benefits not only for environmental protection, but also enabling donated devices to be given to people who are experiencing digital exclusion.

Bermondsey Street Bees’ co-founder Dale Gibson on their regeneratively managed land in Essex.

Bermondsey Street Bees - a journey in sustainable beekeeping

Set against the backdrop of Bermondsey Street Bees' regeneratively managed lands in coastal Essex, we speak to co-founders Dale Gibson and Sarah Wyndham Lewis about their long journey in sustainable beekeeping.
hands holding a wooden heart

How philanthropy might reduce your tax bill in January

If you are one of the millions of UK taxpayers still to file their tax return online before 31st January, you might find there is an unexpected upside to leaving this task until the new year.
group of people around table in boardroom

Why some charities need your skills more than your money

Taking on a charity trustee role may be the most impactful thing you do in 2024. Trustees’ Week shines a light on the contribution of nearly one million UK trustee volunteers.
Woman standing on table with hands up surrounded by a group of men in suits

The female financiers that history forgot

50 years ago to the day, on 23rd March 1973, women were first admitted to the London Stock Exchange. It was another two years before a woman could open a bank account in her own name. This didn’t stop women participating in capital markets though, as Abika Martin, Investment Manager, explores
charities trustees ruling

Have trustees been given the green light for green investing?

This week has been Good Money Week, designed to raise public awareness of the benefits of sustainable and ethical investment and finance. In light of a landmark High Court ruling from April this year, this is more relevant for trustees of charities than ever before, as Abika Martin explains.

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Butler Sloss: Charity investing one year on

Charities Act 2022 - what trustees need to know


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