Alternative investments Unlock unique investment opportunities

Whether you are a high-net-worth individual, a professional investor or a family office, we can help you explore opportunities in a variety of unlisted assets, tailored to your financial goals and investment time horizon.   

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Traditional will only get you so far Why alternative investments?

Value capture

The alternative assets we specialise in have the potential to deliver significantly higher investment returns than their mainstream quoted counterparts. You have the opportunity to invest in businesses with 50% to 100% revenue growth, for example. 

While you can generally expect there to be a higher risk to capital with these investments, assessing and communicating these risks to clients is a fundamental part of our service.  

Tax-efficient investments

While our primary focus is always on the quality of an investment opportunity, many alternative investments benefit from some form of tax relief.

The UK offers various tax reliefs to encourage investment into UK businesses. The benefits these tax reliefs offer can significantly enhance the returns achieved on a good investment and reduce the losses incurred on an unsuccessful one.

Risk diversification

Very few investments are totally immune to wider financial market volatility. However, we believe it is possible to reduce at least some of your financial market risk by including in your portfolio alternatives that do not correlate with traditional asset classes. 

Selecting the right combination of unquoted assets in your portfolio will provide diversification which could, in turn, enhance returns.  

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