Diversity and inclusion Our culture is what sets us apart

We strive to create a work environment where people feel included, are treated with respect, and can thrive professionally. Through our initiatives, we aim to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest from all walks of life.

Image of hands to represent a diverse and inclusive workforce and culture.

Championing an inclusive culture

Our employee-led diversity and inclusion committee, #included, focuses on certain aspects of diversity which we believe are central to building a diverse and inclusive workforce and industry.

Signs with female and male symbols being equally represented
Gender parity

Aspiring to achieve gender equality

We are taking action by offering all staff six months’ paid parental leave, publishing our gender pay gap report, and requiring a 50/50 gender split for all entry level roles. We have also signed HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter.

Students from different cultures and socio-economic demographics.
Social mobility

Committed to attracting a truly representative workforce

We aim to achieve this by developing talent early, particularly through partnerships with programmes such as Skills Builder, We Can Be, and Investment 20/20. We are also part of the City of London Socio-Economic Taskforce advisory board.

Collage board of individuals from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds.

Dedicated to improving ethnic diversity across our business

Through our involvement in #10000BlackInterns, an initiative to improve Black representation in the workplace, and our partnership with Investment 20/20, we are focused on creating a more diverse investment industry.

Hands clasped and held up to the sky representing faith.
Religion and culture

Embracing all religious beliefs and cultural practices

We mark various religious and cultural events throughout the year, and facilitate and support groups such as faith networks. We also provide inclusive safe spaces for staff to undertake religious practices.

Two men from the LGBTQ+ community with their children walking in a park.

Creating a workplace where all our people can be themselves

With our own LGBTQ+ network, by celebrating Pride month and hosting educational workshops, we aim to raise awareness of the issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community and create an inclusive work culture.

Several pairs of hands holding a heart.

Ensuring staff remain mentally and physically healthy

We champion employee wellbeing through our social and sports committees, as well as our Enrich programme, which includes coaching, charitable-giving schemes and wellness activities. We also run a Mental Health First Aiders programme.

Gender and ethnicity pay gap report We believe in the benefits of a diverse workforce and are proud of our inclusive culture

Publishing our pay gap data is an important step towards improving transparency with stakeholders as well as promoting and encouraging diversity and inclusion across our business. 

We have uploaded our official April 2023 pay gap figures onto the UK Government website here. We are currently finalising our revised pay gap report which will now showcase our gender, ethnicity and social mobility pay gap figures and will be uploaded here shortly. 

We remain fully committed to harnessing diverse talent and fostering an inclusive culture where all our people can thrive.

Ben Snee CEO LGT Wealth Management
Ben Snee

Women in Finance Charter A pledge for gender balance and diversity across financial services

As a business, we are on track to meet our equality targets. When we signed up to the Charter in 2018, 21% of our senior management were female. By the end of 2022, that figure will have increased to 30%. Female representation on our executive committee has jumped from 11% to 33% and we currently have two female Non-Executive Directors.

When it comes to recruitment, 48% of the 75 new hires we made last year were female, up from 42% in the previous reporting period. 

Our commitment will be measured by the following targets:

  • 30%

    of women in senior management

  • 50/50

    gender balance for all entry level hires

  • 40%

    of women across the business

I am proud of the work we are doing to create positive change and hope that, in time, one of the barometers of that success will be gender parity.

Jo Shackleton Head of Human Resources
Jo Shackleton

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