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As a business, our culture is what sets us apart. We champion a positive working culture with a focus on ensuring everyone feels a genuine sense of belonging. As part of the fifth World Wellbeing Week, our wellbeing committee, Enrich, hosted a tailored programme with the aim of enhancing our people’s wellbeing through various events and activities throughout the week. 

The Enrich Committee
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Enrich, was launched to support, adapt and enhance our people's wellbeing, not only at work, but in their wider lives. We wanted to use this dedicated week to raise awareness and celebrate such an important topic, so, what has been happening in LGT Wealth Management’s office? 

Mobility Monday 

To commence Wellbeing Week, Enrich hosted a Chiropractor lunch event whereby Dr Edward Wilkinson, from The Chiro Collective, delivered a seminar focusing on stress and the nervous system, spine, posture and some general education around Chiropractic services. This was followed by individual spinal analysis assessments in our London office, which used a spinal alignment machine to give an in-depth analysis of posture, spine alignment and back health – an essential matter for those working in an office. 

Talk and Train Tuesday 

With the aim of breaking down barriers around men’s mental health, we were delighted to be joined by a true football legend of the nineties, Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock, for a fireside chat in our London office. The interactive interview hosted by Head of International Business Development and ex rugby professional, Andy Newman, explored Razor’s time on the pitch and successes as well as his approach to the challenges he has faced since retiring from the game.  We hope that the talk will raise awareness in our workplace about healthy eating and positive mental wellbeing. 

In the evening, Hayley Wright, a leading Personal Trainer, hosted a Boxercise class in the office to focus on physical health. 

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Wellness Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, we held a bake sale for our charity partner Demelza Children’s Hospice. The bake sale raised £450 for Demelza, which will be doubled to £900 by the Firm’s matching policy. 

In the afternoon, we were joined by Stressbusters for a Mindfulness meditation session. Used for centuries in the East and now not unusual to be found and practiced in school classrooms and corporate boardrooms throughout the world, the session explored two key elements taught in Mindfulness which are a ‘breathing meditation’ followed by a ‘body scan’. 

Thank you Thursday

Enrich provided an office brunch for our people before the quarterly office update from our CEO Ben Snee. As well as a company roundup of the first two quarters of the year and the opportunity for staff to participate in a live Q&A, Ben shared the bi-annual ‘Above and Beyond’ award voted in by colleagues for going above and beyond to improve the service we offer our clients.

Feel good Friday 

To wrap up a great week, Enrich hosted a pizza lunch in the office to bring colleagues together.

Throughout the week we encouraged colleagues to go for a walk together and provided coffee vouchers, all with the intention of fostering a sense of belonging amongst our people and improving physical health. 

All in all, our Wellbeing Week was a great success, and we look forward to continuing our programme of support throughout the year. 

Throughout the week we asked our people ‘what does wellbeing mean to you’? 

Wellbeing to me means being well/healthy and feeling happy & comfortable inside and out to be able to move forward to cope with life in the way you want it to be. Having a sense of purpose and feeling satisfied with your existence. Wellbeing for me can be a mental or physical feeling where the state of your emotions, actions, feelings & thoughts can have an impact to your overall contentment with day-to-day life.

Serena Peters, Client Due Diligence Manager

Wellbeing is how we are doing as individuals mentally and physically. By looking after our wellbeing in the present we ensure that we continue to be happy and healthy in the future. For me personally I look after my wellbeing by ensuring I have a balanced work and home life balance. I eat a plant-based diet, exercise and socialise with my friends and family. I spend time with my dog and chickens and ensure that I take time out by going on holidays and getting some vitamin D. Wellbeing is something that is sustainable rather than a FAD that only keeps us happy and positive in the short run.

Sophie Thomas, Trainee Wealth Planner

For me wellbeing is about balance, finding an escape from the rat race and making sure that I find enough time to clear my head and reset. Between work commitments, family life and an ever expanding to do list, it can often feel impossible to find time to look after yourself. But if you don’t put your own life jacket on first, you’re not much use to anyone! Exercise, history books and DIY is where I find my quiet place!

Elliott O’Brien, Head of Business Transformation 

After moving to the UK, I’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of family members and adjusting to live on my own is something I have had to get used to. Hence to me, wellbeing means being able to enjoy some quality time with myself. I find going on long evening walks alone particularly therapeutic after a long day at work. Being left alone with my thoughts for a while really helps me relax my mind. Ultimately, calmness of the mind is definitely something that contributes towards wellbeing.

Pia Farooq, Trainee Analyst

Wellbeing to me is about finding a good balance of satisfaction and happiness in all aspects of life.  Starting at the workplace, enjoying working with colleagues if of the utmost importance.  I want to be able to work hard and make a positive difference at work in a friendly and welcoming environment, whilst still having enough time in my person life to do the things I enjoy – socialising with friends, playing golf, watching sport and travelling. 

Tim Mizzi, Chief Finance Officer 

Click here to read our first ever Impact report, for an overview of our positive contribution to the world around us, not only in client portfolios but also through our philanthropic activities, wellbeing, and D&I initiatives, and how we aim to improve our operations from a sustainable perspective. 

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