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Striving to make a meaningful impact: our 2024 Impact Report

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At a glance

  • Our Impact Report highlights our efforts to improve our environmental stewardship, social responsibility and impact in the wider community. 
  • Guided by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein, the report outlines a strategy focused on creating lasting value for future generations. This includes ambitious goals such as achieving net-zero emissions by 2030 and enhancing sustainable investment practices.
  • Our commitment to contributing towards a sustainable future for all is the essence of how we endeavour to create value for our stakeholders.

Our Impact Report, published this week, is a reflection of our collective efforts during 2023 to progress the sustainability agenda. 

In this year's report, you will find a comprehensive overview of our sustainability initiatives. From reducing our carbon footprint to advancing social equity, each initiative represents a milestone in our ongoing commitment to creating value for our four stakeholders: our clients, our owner, society and our colleagues alike.

Through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships with organisations such as DIRT and the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, we are working hard to do what we can in mitigating climate change, preserving natural resources and promoting biodiversity. This aligns with the industry-leading commitment made by the Princely Family to achieve net zero across our operations and own investments by 2030 - even if this means using the family’s own financial resources to ensure we get there.

As part of our efforts to promote social equality, we believe in providing support at a community level. Through initiatives such as our sponsorship of ‘We Can Be’, and our commitment to our charity partners, we are helping to address pressing health and social issues, empower marginalised groups and create opportunities for all to thrive.

"I feel a personal responsibility to deliver on our vision of building a sustainable and more equitable future for all."

Ben Snee CEO LGT Wealth Management
Ben Snee

Looking to the future

At the heart of our business lies a family, which considers legacy to be a crucial guiding principle. Their forward-thinking approach ensures that every decision we make is based on creating lasting value, not just for today, but for generations to come. As we look ahead to the coming year, our strategy and activities are rooted in this vision.


As a business, we have committed to a programme of substantial digital transformation. Through harnessing the opportunities that new technologies can bring – such as artificial intelligence – our aim is to improve our clients’ experience and increase operational efficiencies, to create a greener and more sustainable workflow. 

We are enhancing our investment research function with an emphasis on our sustainable capabilities, and working to thoroughly embed a sustainable approach throughout our entire investment proposition.


Each year, we partner with a range of different charities, to recognise the changing world that we live in and the areas that may particularly need our help and support. 

We are also scaling up our volunteering efforts with various charities, from Skills Builder to Demelza to Oxfam. By 2030, we aim to support around a third of our people to volunteer their time with needful organisations.

Our people

We strive to maintain our status as a Great Place to Work™ and are pleased to see the continued commitment our people demonstrate towards our company values: Belonging, Integrity, Respect, Conviction and Entrepreneurship. 

We are also harnessing the power of people data to identify trends and pressure points. This data-driven approach aims to address underrepresentation in the industry, working alongside organisations such as 10,000 Black Interns, 10,000 Able Interns, GAIN and maintaining a relationship with King’s College London. 

As we reflect on our achievements thus far, we are acutely aware of the scale of the challenge that lies ahead. We remain dedicated to expanding our initiatives, championing social responsibility and making a meaningful impact in the wider community.

Download the report here.

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