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box of old phones and tech
If you have a box in your attic with old charging cables, mobile phones and other devices, you are not alone. E-waste is a fast-growing issue. You might however be surprised to know there are ways it can be repaired, re-used and recycled, creating benefits not only for environmental protection, but also enabling donated devices to be given to people who are experiencing digital exclusion.
business man looking out of window
The age-old debate about active versus passive investing persists – the former involving buying and selling shares with the aim of outperforming the market and the latter,– where index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) track a specific index by buying and holding assets.
robot and hand on computer
In the continual progression of technology, it's uncommon to find a development that does more than just alter the landscape. Generative AI is a rare inflection point, marking a profound shift in how businesses operate and innovate, fundamentally changing our relationship with work and reshaping the very nature of labor and collaboration.
Car plugged in charging
China and Europe’s deep economic ties deteriorated when Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2022, and relations face further pressure as China strengthens its foothold in the global electric vehicle market, which is cannibalising Europe’s own EV sector.
Bermondsey Street Bees’ co-founder Dale Gibson on their regeneratively managed land in Essex.
Set against the backdrop of Bermondsey Street Bees' regeneratively managed lands in coastal Essex, we speak to co-founders Dale Gibson and Sarah Wyndham Lewis about their long journey in sustainable beekeeping.
old fashioned car in the City
“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” This phrase, often attributed to American writer Mark Twain, is frequently used by those in the financial industry who caution about relying on history too readily for future forecasting.
sold board in front of house
When discussing central bank policy, it is crucial to not only look at interest rates, but to understand their effect on broader financial conditions. This ambiguous term encompasses the availability of credit, stock market performance, exchange rates and commodity prices.
person completing tax form
As we approach tax year end, it is essential to review individual arrangements and determine if there are any allowances or reliefs that are yet to be maximised.
hands in the air voting
Market View

Setting the tone

Coming off a multi-year rapid interest rate hiking cycle, we are now transitioning to an environment where setting the tone is key. This will help households and businesses make economic decisions based on future interest rate expectations. As such, central bankers are exceedingly careful about what they say, given the importance of their tone and language.
Green fields
Investors are increasingly using their influence with investee companies to promote long term sustainable behaviours. We interviewed Emmet McNamee, Head of Progression and Innovation at the UN supported Principles for Responsible Investment to find out more about the use of stewardship and how it can deliver for clients.

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