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24032023 central bank
In many ways, parts of this week seemed to follow the usual story that we had become accustomed to over the past year: central banks continued to hike interest rates in response to inflationary pressures.
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50 years ago to the day, on 23rd March 1973, women were first admitted to the London Stock Exchange. It was another two years before a woman could open a bank account in her own name. This didn’t stop women participating in capital markets though, as Abika Martin, Investment Manager, explores
Highlights from LGT's 2022 annual results.
Assets under management increased year on year and LGT remains well positioned to achieve further solid growth in 2023. Following the announcement of the company’s annual results, we speak to LGT Wealth Management CEO Ben Snee about the key takeaways. Clearly, the macroeconomic environment at the moment is turbulent. What do the financial results released this week indicate about LGT’s ability to weather market instability? Ben Snee: LGT Group remains extremely well-capitalised, with...
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The Spring Budget, presented to the UK Parliament on Wednesday 15th March, contained some surprising measures, including changes to the pensions landscape. Adam Swift, Wealth Planner, outlines what this means for pension planning.
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Looking back to the start of the month, the predominant concern for investors was just how much further central banks would increase rates in March. Given the signs of economic resilience and stickier inflation, the hawkish rhetoric was upped. All of those assumptions were brought into question by a wall of worry over the past seven days. It is easy to see why the many historical comparisons have been made given the week we have just had.
In 2021, Russia’s Alrosa mine had an output of 32.4 million carats, making it, by some margin, the world’s largest single rough diamond producer accounting for 29% of global output. Alrosa’s 2021 revenue was approximately $4 billion, second only to De Beers in the top line value it generates for shareholders.
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The State Pension top-up deadline has been extended to 31 July 2023 following the UK Government’s review. Swaati Osborne shares the key takeaways from the government’s decision to be aware of.
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As they approach one year with LGT Wealth Management, we speak to Princess Adelheid and Susan this International Women’s Day to understand what motivates them and what they’ve learned so far.
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In this world, full of noise by articles that are sometimes written by AI chatbots (this is not one of them!), it is very easy to get swayed by the headlines of the day. The concern that has been rocking markets over the past few weeks is stickier inflation.
Hand use mobile phone and human head with line brain network technology for global
Even the most sophisticated investors have been known to act emotionally in the face of turbulent markets and act on impulse. So, what are the biases we should be aware of and how can we overcome them?

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