Find out more about our approach to sustainability as a business, including our stewardship policy and activities, as well as thematic insights into sustainable investment themes.

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Impact Report 2023

As a business, we have a range of measures in place designed to ensure we do what we can to contribute to a more sustainable future and remain aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Stewardship policy

Stewardship at LGT Wealth Management

Through extensive stewardship activities, such as shareholder voting and public policy advocacy, we strive to create outcomes that will contribute to a safe and sustainable future for generations. Learn more about our stewardship toolkit.
Biodiversity factsheet

Biodiversity and LGT's Position

A 360 holisitic review of the sustainability landscape and local sustainable activities

Sustainability 360 2022 - Third edition

Sustainability issues such as climate change are no longer concerns reserved for governments and activists. They are now seen as a crucial consideration by investment firms, including LGT. Find out more about our approach to sustainability.

Sustainability 360 2021 - Second edition

Cover page of the Sustainability Report with a detail from “Depictions of Conchiliae in Watercolor”

Sustainability at LGT

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