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LGT reports strong growth and very high net asset inflows in 2023

Despite the challenging backdrop of 2023, LGT achieved strong growth and reported a 10% rise in assets under management. This week, we speak to LGT Wealth Management CEO, Ben Snee, following LGT Group’s latest financial results.

Financial Resuults 2023

At a glance

  • Total operating income increased 11% compared with the previous year and amounted to CHF 2.57 billion. 
  • Group profit, which reflects a growth-related rise in operating expenses, totaled CHF 375.3 million. 
  • Net asset inflows were again strong at CHF 21.9 billion, corresponding to an organic growth rate of 8%. 
  • Assets under management rose 10% to CHF 316.0 billion, reaching the highest year-end level in LGT’s history. 

Last year saw a number of challenges from a geopolitical and economic perspective. How did LGT navigate these? 

Ben Snee: LGT is well-positioned to weather challenging market conditions. The stability of the business can be attributed to a combination of factors. Firstly, our sound financial stability and strength. LGT is very well-capitalised and maintains a high level of liquidity. Secondly, our private ownership allows us to adopt a long-term approach. Finally, our entrepreneurial spirit fosters an environment whereby we continually seek to innovate and invest into the business. As we expand, we remain client-centric and strive to deliver excellent outcomes for all of our clients. 

What are the strategic priorities for LGT Wealth Management in 2024? 

Ben Snee: Following the acquisition of abrdn Capital Limited (aCL), we are excited about the future for the business this year. A clear strategic focus is the integration of aCL into the business, while not losing sight of our number one priority; providing clients with excellent service and ensuring we continue to deliver good outcomes from an investment perspective. 

Other priorities include becoming a leader in sustainability in Wealth Management, development of our regional expansion, the continuation of our digital transformation programme and keeping LGT Wealth Management as a great place to work for our colleagues. It will be a busy, but hopefully productive, year! 

Against market volatility how are we positioned at LGT Wealth Management to ensure stability and trustworthiness for clients, advisers, and employees?

Ben SneeWe are confident that our commitment to excellent client service and conviction-based investing will drive further growth and support our clients’ ambitions, in spite of market volatility. Our investment strategy is defined by a rigorous process and thorough research. Our team are empowered to act with conviction towards achieving tangible results for clients and our global investment perspective allows the flexibility to explore a wide array of asset classes, sectors, and geographies.

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