Could mushrooms save our world? Connected Capital with Aurélie Fontan

Discover why Aurélie Fontan believes the power of mushrooms could be the key to overcoming some of our most pressing environmental and human challenges. 

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Could mushrooms save our world?

Meet the Connected Capital guest

Find out more about our interviewee as they highlight key areas of sustainability, aiming to inspire a more sustainable tomorrow for future generations.


Aurélie is an award-winning fashion biodesigner and entrepreneur and has been named 40 Under 40 UK in 2023 for her work in biomaterials and fashion. A British Fashion Council scholar throughout her masters at the Royal College of Art, Aurélie showcased her bio-fabricated textile work at London Fashion week from 2019 to 2020. Her mushroom leather startup project, Mykkö, won the London Mayor Entrepreneur Award, as well as multiple UK Innovate and AHRC grants, bringing the total of Osmose’s awarded public funding bids to £750k. Aurélie has been at the forefront of biomaterials since 2017, developing fellow talents in the field through visionary ventures. 

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