Connected Capital Paving the path for a greener future

Join Phoebe Stone, Head of Sustainable Investing, in a video series where she delves into the world of sustainability. In each episode, Phoebe sits down with a special guest to explore innovative ways financial capital can pave the path for a greener future. Discover insightful discussions that highlight key areas of sustainability, aiming to inspire a more sustainable tomorrow for future generations.

Connected Capital with Aurélie Fontan

Could mushrooms save our world?

Discover why Aurélie Fontan believes the power of mushrooms could be the key to overcoming some of our most pressing environmental and human challenges. 

Connected Capital with Nina Hoas

The power of strategic philanthropy

Strategic philanthropy’s unique potential to pioneer and fund innovative solutions to the world’s challenges is discussed with Nina Hoas. 

Connected Capital with Imogen Carmichael-Jack

Protecting the humans in our supply chain

We discuss the complexities and commitments of major fashion brands in improving labour standards, highlighting those that are taking a leading role. 

Connected Capital explores how we can better deploy financial capital to restore, protect and preserve our world for those to come.

Phoebe Stone Partner, Head of Intermediary Investment Services and Head of Sustainable Investing
Phoebe Stone

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