Protecting the humans in our supply chain Connected Capital with Imogen Carmichael-Jack

We discuss the complexities and commitments of major fashion brands in improving labour standards, highlighting those that are taking a leading role. 

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Protecting the humans in our supply chain

Meet the Connected Capital guest

Find out more about our interviewee as they highlight key areas of sustainability, aiming to inspire a more sustainable tomorrow for future generations.

Imogen is a Business and Human Rights Senior Consultant at Impactt, working with a range of clients around the world, improving working conditions across global supply chains to promote worker rights and business wins. Imogen previously worked as an ESG Analyst at Vanguard which included ESG research and analysis of EMEA consumer companies, followed by working directly with board members, CEOs and other sustainability leaders to push for change. Imogen also worked as a consultant to set up Vivienne Westwood’s Foundation, focusing on climate change, human rights and stopping wars. She holds an MSc in Political Science (International Relations) from the University of Amsterdam, achieving Cum Laude (highest honours). 

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