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Connected Capital: paving the path for a greener future


At a glance

  • Our new video series, Connected Capital, delves into the world of sustainability, exploring the connections between human capital, natural capital and financial capital worlds. 
  • Each episode features a thought leader from a range of spheres including science, industry, policy and philanthropy, as they discuss the sustainable innovations from their field. 
  • The first three episodes feature Aurélie Fontan, who turns kombucha into leather alternatives; Nina Hoas, who explores high-impact philanthropic investments; and Imogen Carmichael Jack, who advocates for human rights in industrial supply chains.

Sustainability is one of the broadest concepts in existence. It is also one of the most existential. Whilst sustainable finance has emerged in recent years as a key area of importance in the move towards a safer, cleaner and sustainable world for those to come, it is often still seen in very siloed terms.

In conversations with clients, often the most challenging aspect is to draw out the importance of the interconnectedness between the spheres of science, industry, policy and philanthropy and their relevance to sustainable finance. It is also challenging to be able to spend the time necessary to discuss the varying facets and elements of a specific topic of sustainability, in particular the link of one, such as climate change, to another, such as human health. 

This is why we have launched Connected Capital, a video series which looks to shine a spotlight on an area of sustainability. In each episode, Phoebe Stone, Head of Sustainable Investing, is joined by an expert sitting at the vanguard of sustainable innovation to hear about their work, and the exciting developments they are seeing within their specialist field. 

The first three episodes of Connected Capital are now available and feature conversations with three exceptional thought leaders:

  1. Aurélie Fontan: An innovator who began by growing kombucha under her bed and transforming it into a leather alternative for her catwalk show. Her journey has evolved into a thriving business producing a range of products from fungi, exemplifying the intersection of creativity and sustainability.
  2. Nina Hoas: With extensive experience advising clients on philanthropic capital allocation, Nina discusses the potential of investing in high-impact sectors. These areas may not yield immediate financial returns but offer innovative solutions and new operational models that address critical societal issues.
  3. Imogen Carmichael Jack: An advocate for human rights within industrial supply chains, Imogen investigates abuses in factories for major brands. Her insights reveal the dedication of many fashion brands to improving working conditions while balancing global consumer demands.

We invite you to listen to these insightful discussions. The videos are available on Spotify YouTube and our website.

John Auckland for websiteMB
Connected Capital with John Auckland

Seaweed’s gigaton opportunity

Leveraging nature’s power to grow seaweed is discussed with John Auckland, including seaweed’s application as a bio-based alternative product.

Ben Snee MB website imagery
Connected Capital with Ben Snee

A wider definition of wealth

We delve into Ben Snee’s remarkable journey in leading LGT Wealth Management and explore why sustainability is a core value for him, both as a leader and for his clients.

Dan Garlick MB website imagery
Connected Capital with Dan Garlick

The future of fuel

We explore the transformative journey of motorsports towards sustainability and the pioneering approach of the Goodwood estate to enhance biodiversity. 

Connected Capital with Aurélie Fontan

Could mushrooms save our world?

Discover why Aurélie Fontan believes the power of mushrooms could be the key to overcoming some of our most pressing environmental and human challenges. 

Nina hoas for websiteMB
Connected Capital with Nina Hoas

The power of strategic philanthropy

Strategic philanthropy’s unique potential to pioneer and fund innovative solutions to the world’s challenges is discussed with Nina Hoas. 

Connected Capital with Imogen Carmichael-Jack

Protecting the humans in our supply chain

We discuss the complexities and commitments of major fashion brands in improving labour standards, highlighting those that are taking a leading role. 

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