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Carbon dioxide
How do we begin to calculate the impact of a vehicle manufacturing company in the United States on a family that has lost their house to flooding? The social cost of carbon is “the single most important number that nobody has ever heard of” according to Gernot Wagner, a climate economist at New York University, emphasising its role as an important question in public policy which will define life on our planet. What is the social cost of carbon? The social cost of carbon is an estimate...
Sustainable investment themes
As we filter through a swathe of Black Friday promotions, signalling that the festive period is well and truly upon us, we use this opportunity to wrap up the US earnings season.

Was COP27 a cop-out?

Following the buzz and commotion around last year’s twenty-sixth conference of parties on climate change held in Glasgow, it is no surprise that expectations this year struggled to keep up.
What has changed since last year's Conference of Parties on climate change and what should we expect as delegates from UN member states gather in Egypt?
charities trustees ruling
This week has been Good Money Week, designed to raise public awareness of the benefits of sustainable and ethical investment and finance. In light of a landmark High Court ruling from April this year, this is more relevant for trustees of charities than ever before, as Abika Martin explains.
London Fashion Week
The start of September brings with it a new season, the autumn term, the time for coats, and the arrival of London Fashion Week.

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