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Woman sits on bed at night and looks out of the window
The perception of sleep among professionals has changed dramatically over the past decade. Previously, being sleep-deprived was seen as a badge of honor, now, there is a recognition of the importance of sleep for health and performance. Peter Firth discusses the market for sleep-related products and the use of technology and data to monitor sleep.
Experts believe we could be on the verge of entering a new era of computing – the quantum era. The industry is poised for exponential growth over the current decade, with estimates ranging from a 15% to 50% compound annual growth rate.
A pink piggy bank, being held by male hands intertwined with female hands that are painted with pink nail varnish.
Over the last few decades there has been a monumental shift in the pensions landscape from Defined Benefit (DB) pensions (e.g. final salary) to Defined Contribution (DC) pensions, where contributions are made to an individual’s personal pension ‘pot’. Individuals now have control over their own pension, but many do not take advantage of it.
people crossing at a busy crossing
As the global population ages, retirees will need better health and social care options, more assisted-living housing, and flexible retirement solutions. That's good news for investors.
Two elderly gentlemen in suits and ties at a photo shoot
They established what many consider to be the most successful investment partnership of all time: Berkshire Hathaway Inc. What can today's investors learn from them?
robot and hand touching
With the AI revolution not showing any signs of slowing down, The Brief speaks to Investment Manager, Abika Martin, on how women throughout history have changed the face of technology and how inclusivity remains key with the innovation of AI.
view of shard and blossom trees
This week saw the much-anticipated 2024 Budget. Led by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and policymakers, the government outlined a strategic plan with an overall objective to steer the country towards stability and growth.
robot and hand on computer
In the continual progression of technology, it's uncommon to find a development that does more than just alter the landscape. Generative AI is a rare inflection point, marking a profound shift in how businesses operate and innovate, fundamentally changing our relationship with work and reshaping the very nature of labor and collaboration.
person completing tax form
As we approach tax year end, it is essential to review individual arrangements and determine if there are any allowances or reliefs that are yet to be maximised.
craft beers
Once dismissed as a niche market for beer enthusiasts, craft beer has revolutionised the beer industry, offering an abundance of choice for consumers and an alternative to mass-production. But amidst rising inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, many breweries are feeling the tidelines closing in around them, throwing into doubt the future of this frothy phenomenon.

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